JOHN BUNN’S CASE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Rogue homicide detective framed teenager

At age 14, John was charged with the murder and attempted murder of two NYC Correction Officers in Brooklyn in 1991. He was convicted in a high-profile case at the time based upon the testimony of one eyewitness. New evidence has surfaced that Louis Scarcella and other rogue Brooklyn homicide detectives illegally arrested John in his mother’s apartment and framed him for the murder. Scarcella, whose tactics have come under fire in dozens of cases, was in charge of the investigation and involved in the identification procedure of John. EXI’s fight to clear John’s name continues as we move forward with an emotionally charged 440 hearing, which is still underway in Brooklyn.

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Read about John’s case:

Louis Scarcella Defends His Work at Hearing on Conviction in ’91 Murder

Scarcella Coached Robbery Victim Before Lineup, Lawyer Says at a Hearing

Effort to Vacate Man’s Murder Verdict Focuses on Work by Detective in Case

Attorneys of Brooklyn man convicted in 1991 have unearthed recordings from prosecutor’s key eyewitness

Selwyn Days’ case in the spotlight: New trial granted based on false confession

Selwyn was wrongfully convicted of a double homicide in Westchester and is serving the 15th year of a 50-year-to-life sentence. EXI along with attorneys from Paul Weiss won a new trial for Selwyn in 2009 based on new alibi evidence. We then tried the case twice in 2011 with the first ending in a hung jury (9 to 3 for acquittal) and the second in a conviction. The essential evidence against Selwyn, who is intellectually impaired, was his false confession obtained after many hours of interrogation. No physical evidence linked him to the crime, and DNA on the murder weapon belonged to someone else. On September 2, 2015 in a watershed appellate decision that will help other wrongfully convicted people, the Appellate Division, 2nd Department reversed Selwyn’s conviction and granted a new trial based on the lower court’s failure to allow testimony from a false confession expert who could educate the jury on the phenomenon of false confessions. The District Attorney’s effort to appeal that decision was recently rejected by the Court of Appeals.  We expect that we will soon retry the case – Selwyn’s fifth trial for these crimes – and win Selwyn his freedom and the justice he deserves.


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Read the Appellate Division decision

Lavell Jones’ Case in the Spotlight: Confession Reopens 1997 Murder Case in Which Two Others Went to Prison

EXI client Lavell Jones was convicted of a 1997 Albany homicide he did not commit based solely on his false confession, obtained after more than 30 hours of interrogation, which he later recanted. No witnesses or physical evidence tied him to the crime. Now, another man has confessed to detectives, in detail, that he alone committed the murder for which Lavell and his codefendant were convicted. Hopefully this new development will finally ensure justice for the two men, who have maintained their innocence for the past 18 years.

Read More in the Albany Times Union

Watch Video of the News Coverage


Richard is now serving the 18th year of a 25-to-life sentence for a 1996 Bronx murder which occurred when he was 1,000 miles away in Florida – an alibi confirmed by 13 witnesses. Among them: a sheriff’s deputy, a pastor, and a federal corrections officer. EXI filed a motion to exonerate Richard on March 28, 2014, based on the alibi and other exculpatory evidence which was never brought out at Richard’s 1998 trial. His case is currently on appeal in the Appellate Division First Department. In the meantime, Dateline NBC’s Dan Slepian has been investigating the case.

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NBC News

Watch the NBC News piece and read the full story

Freddie Cox’s Case In the Spotlight: A Claim of Innocence is No Longer a Roadblock to Parole

After nearly 30 years in prison for a Brooklyn murder he did not commit, EXI client Freddie Cox has been released on parole. EXI advocated for him before the parole board, asking them not to hold his claim of innocence against him. Now, Freddie is free and can join EXI on the outside as we fight for his exoneration.

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Check out the NYTimes article and compelling video of Freddie’s interview

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