After 22 years in prison, 8 years of working on the case, 3 years of post-conviction litigation, and 3 weeks of retrial, it took the jury 30 minutes of deliberation to render a NOT GUILTY verdict for EXI client Edward Garry. This has been a long time coming for Edward, who has been fighting to prove his innocence for over two decades. He was originally convicted based on the false eyewitness identifications of two witnesses to the crime who testified at his re-trial and were not credited by the jury. There was never any corroboration for their mistaken identifications of Garry. At this trial, the defense was able to present evidence that an alternate suspect confessed to the crime in 1996 and was not investigated by the police who wanted to close the case as quickly as possible. After the not guilty verdict was rendered, tearful jurors approached Edward to tell him they were sorry for the injustice he has suffered so far, a wrong which they were able to right today. Edward cannot wait to move on with his life as a fully exonerated free man.

Edward FREED

Rebecca, Glenn, and Edward moments after the verdict was read.

Read more about Edward’s case in The New Yorker here.

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