EXI client Cory Epps is finally a free man after 20 years behind bars!

Cory was convicted of a 1997 road rage murder he did not commit based solely on the testimony of a single eyewitness to the crime. The evidence that proved Cory’s innocence was developed by EXI over the past 7 years and implicated the true killer who, the DA acknowledged, looked “eerily similar” to Cory, exposing the fallibility of eyewitness identification evidence. After a year of aggressive litigation on the part of EXI, the prosecution consented to vacate the conviction and dismiss the case in the eleventh hour on Friday, December 1st.

Cory has fought for his innocence for more than two decades, and EXI is thrilled to see him finally reunited with his family just in time for the holidays.


Cory hugging his wife Jerrihia, seconds after his release from prison.

Read Buffalo News coverage of Cory’s exoneration

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